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This DVD containing the every paper published in the “Journal of the Technical Association of Refractories, Japan (TAIKABUTSU OVERSEAS)” from 1981 to 2010.

All paper is searchable pdf documents, and two search method is available.

1.Full text search

You can use Acrobat’s full-text search capabilities in every searchable PDF documents.

2. Extraction retrieval with Excel form file

Every papers list is created by some keywords in MS Excel. Your can search and extract according to title, author, affiliation and publishing date using Excel filtering function.

Price : 50,000 JpYen.

Price for subscriber of TAIKABUTSU OVERSEAS :  25,000 JpYen

Shipping cost : 2,000 JpYen.-


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(TAIKABUTSU OVERSEAS),  1981 (Vol.1) to 2010 (Vol.30) 
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"This publication is an interdisciplinary and  internationally opened journal covering the science  and technology of high-temperature materials centering on the field of refractories.Submissions of  papers from any person, from any countries are greatly welcomed."


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